what people say about lessons

Mary H., Lecturer, New to Swimming & Frontcrawl

“As someone who nearly drowned and required artificial respiration, I cannot believe that I now know what it is to be relaxed in water. This is entirely due to how Nick has taught me...What I’m talking about here is exemplary teaching practice of an excellent method.”

Sean O’G., IT Consultant, Triathlete

“As a result of lessons and practice my 1500m time has fallen from 41 minutes down to 29 minutes.”

Jonathan B., Recruitment Consultant, Frontcrawl

“It is hard to describe the metamorphosis from the energy sapping thrashing technique to the smooth, relaxed and fluid stroke I now have…My swimming is now exceptionally smooth and efficient…I feel I am working with the water rather than fighting against it as I was before.”

Olivia B., Solicitor, Frontcrawl

“I’ve lost a stone and a half, have a lot more energy and my joints are more flexible than they used to be...I can now swim twice the distance that I used to, and without any back or neck pain.”

Mimi W., Accountant, New to Swimming

“Swimming helped ease my pelvic and back pain during my pregnancy... I was able to exercise right up to two weeks before my due date.”

Prem G., Adventurer/Arctic Swimmer, Frontcrawl

“Nick is the best coach I have come across in my life. I have worked with 10-15 different coaches for different sports including swimming, skiing and running…All other swimming coaches provide an “Economy Class” service but Nick provides a “First Class” service.”

Sue F., Accountant, New to Swimming and Frontcrawl

“My lessons are the highlight of my week and learning to swim...swimming with Orla has been the best thing to happen to me this year.”

Janice C., Education Development Officer, New to Swimming

“From first contact Orla provided a considered approach and had a strong appreciation of the effects of being afraid in water. This approach means that I never felt pressurised into doing anything I didn’t want to do, and I found that I was comfortable enough to try new things.”

Michael C., Risk Manager, Frontcrawl

“As for Nick, his quiet analytical style is backed up with lots of practical explanations of what is going well (or otherwise!) and he has many alternative ways of learning the strokes. All this is backed up with positive encouragement and he makes learning fun"