what people say about swimchecks

Rob B., Former National Level Age Group Triathlete, All Strokes

“Within the half hour check I was surprised to see how just a few pointers would change my swimming so dramatically.  After a few minor adjustments I was suddenly taking two fewer strokes per length on front crawl and 3 less on butterfly and everything felt smoother and easier. I was a little sceptical how much difference it would really make, but I have been convinced of the benefits and have begun to work the new techniques into my training.”

Gemma B., Headhunter, New to Swimming

“The SwimCheck was brilliant. I had a daft phobia about not putting my face in the water without holding my nose which I seem to be over.  I have had this since I was a child so I am amazed that I am over it so quickly! I really enjoyed it and it is so relaxing to think about something physical rather than everything else that runs through your mind when you are trying to exercise.”

Marcus G., Coach to Freedive No-Limits World Record Holder, Frontcrawl

“Ha ha you guys is gr8!!! Last week we didn’t like you very much, we couldn’t swim in this new style at all... and of course we didn’t want to swim in the old way.... so we just were generally pants!!! BUT This week we kinda got the hang of it... well enough to actually move along! Brilliant... brilliant!!!!!thank you thank you than you!!!!!  Did 1500m on sunday... too easy.... almost seemed like cheating!!!”

Robert R., Reinsurance Broker, Breaststroke

“After a short (half hour) session with Immerse I am delighted to report two hugely encouraging results: transformation of my breaststroke to a relaxed and efficient style and no post exercise stiffness in my back (I had 2 prolapsed discs c 5 yrs ago). I am delighted to commend your approach to others.”

Claire W., Journalist, Frontcrawl & Breaststroke

“I found the SwimCheck absolutely brilliant thank you.  Nick pointed out several important changes to my technique which have revolutionised my swimming. I am already putting his suggestions into practice and have noticed huge improvements.”

Janice C., Education Development Officer, New to Swimming

“I never thought I could be enthusiastic about getting into water, and could not imagine a time when I would be able to swim. After just a short session with Orla I have gained confidence, enthusiasm, and ability, to move around in the water. I am amazed at my progress. For the first time in my life, I know that I will be able to learn to swim.”

Phil T., Management Consultant, Frontcrawl & Tumble Turns

“Please tell Nick that everything he said in the SwimCheck worked a dream and I have done 500m non-stop almost everyday since. I am feeling bullish about the tumble turn!”