we're in the water with you

This often comes as a surprise to those of you who have experienced more traditional teaching where the instructor towers above you poolside shouting and blowing a whistle.

We like to teach in the water for many reasons. Mainly so we can talk. So we can explain the work, so you can ask questions and so we can give you detailed feedback. Lessons are a learning partnership. For that we need to be at the same level, not 5 feet above you.

Also we can demonstrate the strokes and practices. It’s almost impossible to convey the rhythm and detail of a stroke from poolside demos.

Lastly so we can provide support or guide or direct movement. If you are new to swimming this means we can provide gradually reducing support. We don’t use woggles or floats (they demean us both!) so you learn to to rely on your own buoyancy not the float.  If you are working on complex movements this means we can guide or direct them to aid your learning and provide physical feedback.