• Intensive Lessons available. Get started straight away.

• 2:1 lessons. Swim with a friend. Second swimmer free!

We don’t do “traditional” swim instruction. We're not about shouting and whistle blowing. We won’t tower above you standing dry and warm on poolside. Floats aren't our thing. We don’t do large groups.

We are different and we’d love you to know why.

We specialise in adult swimming. We don’t work with kids or babies or teenagers. We work with adults. And not just beginners. Not just triathletes. But the whole wonderful spectrum from the “I’m-terrified-and-never-been-in-a-pool-before” to the “I’m-swimming-the Straits-of-Gibraltar in September”.

And we do it full time Monday to Saturday (not the odd hour here or there). Have done for years.

With us it’s personal. We take time to listen to you and understand your hopes and wishes for your swimming. We’re there with you for the journey working in the water with you. We take responsibility for ensuring that we get you the results you seek. It’s not about us or our method. It’s about you.

We only work with a small number of swimmers at a time. So you can be assured of our full energy and undivided attention. This way we can guarantee the quality of the teaching.

Our approach is unique. For us swimming is about wellness. It's whole body, whole being, whole life exercise that makes you feel a whole lot better! We take a holistic approach to the science of swimming and a scientific approach to the art of swimming.

And we’re really easy to get to. All our venues are zone 1 central London. We teach from very early to very late Monday to Saturday. We don’t do cold leisure centre pools. Just warm clean health club pools with nice fluffy towels. You don’t need to be a member.

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