lesson policies

No Surprises

We think it’s really important that there are no surprises when booking lessons and so we put our policies online. We want you to know how it all works before you book and give you the chance to ask any questions upfront.

How long are my lessons valid for?

A package of five lessons is valid for three months. A package of five last minute lessons is valid for three months. A package of ten lessons is valid for six months. Validity runs from the date of payment.

What if I am running late?

Your instructor will wait poolside for 15 minutes from the start time. After then he or she will leave the poolside and the lesson will be treated as a missed lesson.

What if I go to the wrong venue? Or show up at the wrong day or time?

We do our best to minimise this happening by sending you an initial email confirming all the details. Be sure to check the dates and times as if you do make an error the lesson is treated as a missed lesson - sorry.

Can I make changes?

Yes. You may change a lesson at any time up to 48 hours before the lesson. (You need to be especially careful about this if you have an early morning lesson or a Monday lesson.)

We used to ask for notice by 12 noon the day before but we found it very difficult to fill lessons at such short notice - Londoners are a busy bunch. We now ask for 48 hours notice. A lesson may not be rescheduled after that time.

We hope that these policies strike a fair balance between taking good care of our instructors and allowing you the swimmer flexibility.

If you have any queries about these policies please do let us know before you book. We are always happy to chat through these.