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special offers

All offers are available for new purchases of scheduled lesson packages made before March 29. Lessons may be commenced at any time. Offers may not be combined.

in the neighbourhood

Do you work in EC2 or WC2? If so, we are neighbours! And we have a special offer for you. Just email us from your company address to access our local company special rates.

2:1 lessons. Swim with a friend. Second swimmer free!

Swim with your partner or a friend at our City location and split the fees between you.

weekday daytime lessons

Are you able to make weekday daytime lessons (with a start time anytime between 0900 and 1715)? If so, then we have a special daytime offer for you at both our West End and City location.

London's earliest lessons

Are you hardcore enough for a super early lesson? If so, we have a special offer on early morning lessons (lesson start times between 0600-0815) at our City location.


we take Amex

If you love your Amex for the reward points, airline credits and hotel upgrades ....good news! We now take Amex.

Did you see us mentioned in this article in the Guardian?