our approach

Our approach is simple and unique.  These are just some of the principles that guide our teaching.

Also we're there in the water with you.


When you swim are you aware of your body? your breath? your thoughts? Do you notice the feel of water on your skin? the sound of your swimming? the rhythm of your breath? the thoughts that cross your mind? Or are you counting laps or singing songs in your mind!

Looking to transform your swimming? Mindless laps are out. Tune in - listen and feel.


Do your muscles feel relaxed? Do your movements feel casual and easy? Are you working with the water? Or does your body feel tight and tense? Do your movements feel mechanical? Are you pushing and forcing your way through the water?

Search for relaxation in movement - let go of tension, release any tightness, let go of trying so hard – see how your swimming responds. Less effort?


What’s your breathing like? Is it gentle and rhythmic? Or is it snatched and jerky? Soft? Or forced? Deep from the abdomen? Or shallow from the top of the chest? Or maybe you're holding your breath?

Slow the breath down. Focus on the exhalation. Don't take a breath, learn to accept it. Does your swimming feel calmer? Are you breathing more easily?


When you swim are you fully engaged with your swimming? Or is your mind elsewhere? Are you patient and kind with yourself? Or are you judging your swimming? Do you swim with an attitude of joy and wonder? Or an attitude of grim determination?

Watch your thoughts come and go as you swim without hanging on to them. Be a non-judgmental observer. See what you learn.


When you swim is there a stillness in your stroke? Or are you a one man/woman wave machine?!

Enhance the quality of your swimming – find the stillness in movement.

slow slow slow

When you practice do you practice slowly with due care and attention? With precision and accuracy? Or are you a speed demon whipping through the practices so you can get on with the swimming? We’re advocates of slow food, slow travel and slow practice! Slow down and see how much more detail you can perceive. Play with your swimming. Adjust the timing, apply less force. Notice the subtle differences that make a big difference.

Once you’ve mastered technique play with different speeds of swimming. Enjoy the power you feel swimming flat out. Enjoy the connection you feel swimming more slowly. Let one enhance the other.