our swimmers

Our swimmers have amazing stories.

Some are facing a profound fear, others are former olympians. Some are elite athletes in other fields, others are recovering from cancer or transplants. Some have gone on to swim in the arctic, some are just delighted to dip a toe in the sea. Most are just regular adults looking to swim that little bit better.

Here, some of our swimmers tell their story in their own words.

John P. - The triumph and joy of overcoming fear and learning to swim

Today, I can finally swim. Not quickly, and not great distances. But I can swim up and down a pool without exhausting or embarrassing myself; and can stay afloat in the sea whilst holding on to one of the kids. For most adults this is not a cause for comment. But for me, who was until recently absolutely terrified of even putting my head underwater, it is a triumph and a joy. Read John's Story.

Mick C. - No foamy water, no splashes all over, no panting for breath

Swimming always seemed to be harder work than it should have been...[now] I am now happily swimming lengths with less effort and no more pain in my back or neck”. Read more of Mick's story.

Olivia B. - unsporty to swimmer

...I am absolutely evangelical about what these lessons have done for me – I’ve gone from being someone totally unsporty who only exercised because I knew I ought to, into someone who can’t spend long enough in the pool. Read more of Olivia's story.

Gail W. - the experience of a first lesson

At the end of my first session I was grinning. Not just a small grin, but a genuine I can do this out loud grin. It felt fantastic. Read more of Gail's story.


Check back for new stories. Do you have a story to tell?

feedback from our swimmers

We love getting feedback from our swimmers. Here are some of the things our swimmers have said about lessons and SwimChecks. Read more feedback about lessons or swimchecks.

Ha ha you guys is gr8!!!...Did 1500m on sunday... too easy.... almost seemed like cheating!!!
Marcus G. - Freedive Coach

After a short (half hour) session with Immerse I am delighted to report two hugely encouraging results: transformation of my breaststroke to a relaxed and efficient style and no post exercise stiffness in my back
Robert R. - Reinsurance Broker

who swims with us?

We work with all kinds of people. Who come to us for all kinds of reasons. Click through to read just some of the reasons why people come to learn and swim with us.

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