last minute lessons

If you would like the highest quality swim lessons out there (ours!) but at our lowest rates then last minute lessons are the way to go. They are exactly the same as regular scheduled swim lessons (except that they cost less!)

How they work

You call us and buy a package of five last minute lessons
We create and account for you and give you a link to our online booking site
Whenever you fancy a lesson you go online and see what's available in the next 48 hours
(The online system is really cool as you can always see what's available in realtime)
You book yourself in and that's it!
When you have completed your package of five lessons you have priority booking for another package of last minute lessons.


Whether your preference is for early mornings, daytimes, evenings or weekends availability for last minute lessons is always very good. This is because we only sell a limited number of these packages at any one time.


They are extremely popular with lots of our swimmers. Some of them work freelance or part-time. Some are on maternity or gardening leave. Some are studying. Some simply want the best lessons out there at the lowest rates!

Not for everyone

They work well if you are flexible with your schedule and have no time pressure. If you have to get your lessons in before a holiday in a month's time, or can only make it for a 0715 lesson on a wednesday then they are probably not for you. Better if you go for one of our regular packages.


If you’d like to chat about last minute lessons just give us a call on +44 (0)20 8802 1122.