why do people come to us

Our swimmers come to us for all kinds of reasons. Below are just some of the things that people tell us when they first see us.

What are you going to tell us?

"I'd like to swim for fitness"

I've heard that swimming is the almost perfect exercise – cardio, stretch and strength all in one. I don't like the gym. I prefer whole body exercise.

"I'd like to swim for relaxation"

I find being in water very therapeutic. All thoughts seem to fade away and it's just me and my breathing. I feel revitalised and relaxed afterwards.

"My doctor/physio/consultant recommended swimming"

I've got an injury/medical condition/am recovering from surgery. My doc said swimming would be great exercise for me as the water will support the weight of my body, putting minimal strain on my joints, causing less jarring and reducing pain.

"I'm a mum" "I'm a dad"

I'd like to spend more quality time with the kids. My 7 year old is out swimming me. I'm a one-man-wave-machine and the kids tell me my swimming is embarrassing! I'd like to be able to keep my kids safe on holidays.

"I'm anxious, a little bit anxious in water"

I don’t like water in my eyes, ears, nose, mouth. Being near water sends my heart racing. I get butterflies in my stomach. I can't float. I'm not confident in deep water. I just don't feel comfortable in the water.

"I'm a triathlete/would like to get into triathlon"

I need to be able to swim a mile by August. I want to shave a few minutes off my time. I'd like to be more efficient.

"I'm expecting"

I'd like to be able to keep fit right up until my due date. I've read that gentle exercise helps your body prepare for and recover from childbirth as well as helping to reduce some of the discomforts of pregnancy.

"I love my holidays"

But I can't swim and I feel I am missing out. I'd love to be able to go snorkelling or swim with dolphins.

"I'm 50+"

And am looking for a life-long exercise. I want to find an exercise that I can keep up till I'm 105!

"I'm into watersports"

And I'd like to strengthen my swimming so I feel safer surfing/windsurfing. I need to be able to swim 200 meters for my PADI course next week.

"I'm a grandparent"

And I'd love to be able to splash around with the grandkids. It would be really great if I could help them with their swimming.

"I've got a place in the sun"

With a great pool, but I can't swim. I'd love to be able to make the most of the pool or even swim in the sea every morning.

"I want to lose weight"

And I'm looking for a gentle exercise that doesn't involve the gym and that I can do whatever the weather.

"I've just got a job as cabin crew with Ryanair"

And I can't swim. I need to be able to swim X meters by my start date.

"Can you just check that I am doing it right"

You know the stroke where you move your arms like this, I don't know what it is called but can you just check if I'm doing it right.

"My swimming is all blood and thunder"

I'd like to swim with less splash and more ease.

"I'm a club swimmer"

I train with a club. But I'd like to improve my technique. I'd like some individual attention on my butterfly and tumble turns.