why immerse

with us it’s personal

We only work with a small number of swimmers at a time. It keeps it personal and allows us to focus on you.

For each swimmer we create a new solution adapting and devising practices for you and your learning. No fixed progressions here. What’s more we are with you for the learning journey no matter how short or longhaul that may be. We don’t show you the practices and send you on your way but work with you until you get the results you are after.

When you graduate we’re happy for you but we’re also a little sad and very proud. Which is why we love it when our swimmers stay in touch (and tell us their swimming stories!).

using a new wellbeing approach to swimming

For us swimming is about wellness. It’s about whole body, whole being, whole life exercise that makes you feel a whole lot better. It’s also about self discovery and transformation - stretching your limits - whether that’s letting your face in for the first time or shaving seconds off your personal best. That’s why we love it!

We achieve this through a holistic approach to the science of swimming and a scientific approach to the art of swimming. You’re as likely to hear us talk about relaxation and awareness as you are about the pathways of the arm during the propulsive phase of the arm action.

Read about our approach to teaching for more information.

and a new dynamic approach to teaching

We don’t tower above you poolside shouting and blowing a whistle. We teach in the water with you. Why? So we’re on your level. So we can talk. So we can explain the work and so you can ask questions. Also so we can demonstrate the strokes and practices. It’s almost impossible to convey the rhythm and detail of a stroke from poolside demos. We can also provide support for new swimmers. And can guide or direct complex movements for more advanced simmers. There’s nothing like physical feedback to help you feel the kick or pull.