why swim

it feels great

Simple. Because it feels great.  When you swim well you experience your whole body as a powerful machine as you slice through the water. You can feel your muscles working, your heart beating. Your breath connected to your stroke. Your body connected to the water. There’s a rhythm to it all. Your swimming is strong and smooth, silent and still. Your whole body and being feels alive. It’s an amazing feeling.

it's really good for you

Better still it’s really good for you. When you get into swimming you’ll find you have more energy, better endurance. Your muscles will feel strong and toned. You might find you are that bit more stretchy. Your heart will certainly be stronger. You will breathe deeply, sleep soundly and be better able to let daily stresses wash over you. You’ll feel revitalised and relaxed. You might even have a spring in your step and a song in your heart! You’ll probably feel 10 years younger.

you can dive into holidays and watersports

Why else is swimming great? Well because it allows you do so many things. You can join in on holidays, you can swim in the deep end, swim in the sea, you can go snorkelling, scuba diving and surfing, jump off the back of a boat, you can swim with dolphins, go the Galapagos, go ice swimming in Finland, swim volcanic lakes in Guatemala and if you really get into it swim from Greek island to Greek island with SwimTrek!

it's fun with the kids

Swimming also allows you to have great fun with the kids and grandkids. You can go down water slides with them, body surf in the sea with them and rescue them if they snorkel out that bit too far! You can teach them tumble turns and dives. And splash about with them on Sunday mornings.

it's lifelong exercise

One of the brilliant things about swimming – is that it really is a life long sport. Probably the only life long sport. Did you know that masters swimming has a 100-105 age group?! (We don’t know any other sport where athletes are still competing at this age). So if you are looking to keep fit and healthy into infinity and beyond swimming is the way to go!

it's recommended for rehab

If you’ve got back pain or neck pain or other joint pain or injuries or are recovering from surgery swimming is especially good for you. Why? Because the water will support the weight of your body, putting minimal strain on your joints, causing less jarring and reducing pain. Allowing you to exercise your way back to full health.

it's gentle exercise during pregnancy

If you are expecting swimming is wonderful exercise. We’ve worked with swimmers right up to their due date! They tell us the swimming has helped them keep fit, reduced some of the discomforts of pregnancy as well as helped them prepare for and recover from childbirth.

it's perfect exercise if you are carrying a bit of weight

If you are carrying a bit of weight, swimming is fab as it’s gentle exercise that takes a load off the knees and doesn’t involve the gym! It's a wonderful feeling being supported by the water and feeling totally weightless.

whole body, whole being, whole life exercise

As you can tell we think swimming is pretty cool! It’s whole body, whole being, whole life exercise that will help you feel a whole lot better.